Destination Wedding? 8 Reasons to Plan Your Wedding in Myrtle Beach

Wedding Plans / By Barefoot Weddings

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Many couples opt to avoid the stress by planning a destination wedding. Most destination wedding details are handled by a wedding planner or venue in the local area. What better way to just enjoy your special day than to have everything ready when you arrive without all the stress and hassle of planning it yourself? Here are 8 more reasons to plan your destination wedding in Myrtle Beach:

1. Wonderful weather – Myrtle Beach has 215 days of sunshine every year. With the exception of a couple of weeks in January and February, Myrtle Beach has beautiful weather just perfect for your wedding day.

2. Wedding and honeymoon in the same place – As a top vacation destination, Myrtle Beach is not only a wedding destination but also a honeymoon destination. The 70-mile stretch of beaches known as the Grand Strand are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Add in plenty of shows, entertainment and attractions and you won’t have to jet off for your honeymoon; your honeymoon is already here.

3. Variety of wedding venues – Of course, when you think of Myrtle Beach, you probably think of a beach wedding with the ocean waves in the background. There are a number of other wedding venues available in the area too. You can get married at a historic locale, old southern plantation, a national park, amazing gardens, oceanfront hotel/resort or even on a boat.

4. Affordable – Myrtle Beach is an affordable wedding destination. Destination weddings can ring up quite a price tag for the wedding party and your guests. One way to keep your guests happy (and make sure they can attend) is to choose an affordable destination such as Myrtle Beach.

5. No passport required – Save the expense and hassle of getting a passport by having your destination wedding in Myrtle Beach. You won’t be leaving the U.S. so no need for you or your guests to deal with the hassle of obtaining a passport.

6. Easy to get here – Myrtle Beach has an international airport and is only a few hours to a day or two drive from most major cities in the eastern part of the country. Myrtle Beach is easy to get to no matter where your guests are coming from.

7. Large variety of accommodations – There are a ton of accommodation options for you and your guests. You can choose to stay in a resort, vacation rental, beach house or even go rustic and camp out at one of the local campgrounds or national parks. There are options to fit your vision and your budget.

8. Fun times for guests – Your guests will love all the things to see and do in Myrtle Beach. They can go golfing, try water sports of all kinds, see the attractions, go hiking and fishing, hit the shops and boutiques and much more.

Myrtle Beach isn’t just a great destination for vacation. It’s also a great place for your destination wedding.

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