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Myrtle Beach Wedding Packages

All beach wedding packages include consultation.  Your officiant and his team will help direct and coordinate your beach ceremony.  Photography includes photos of the ceremony and up to 45 minutes worth of portraits following the ceremony.  

Add $100 for Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Add $300 for Holidays

Beach officiant in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Simple beachside wedding.
Sand Ceremony package for beach wedding in Myrtle Beach.

Simple & Intimate

Officiant & Photographer



Officiant Only


Officiant, Photographer, Sand Ceremony

Pouring Into You

2 Post Metal Arbor
Add-on for above packages



Affordable Beach Wedding Packages in Myrtle Beach

The premium packages include the arbor of your choice, 12 chairs, aisle decor, the sand ceremony, music, photographer and a coordinator.  Weddings on the beach must be setup correctly from coordinating the right location and executed within a certain timeframe.  Each package is customizable.  You can choose white chairs or bamboo chairs and add on additional chairs. Up to 30 white chairs or 20 bamboo chairs.









Aisle Decor Options

Mason Jars aisle decor
Boho Rings aisle decor for Myrtle Beach weddings
Kissing Balls aisle decor beach wedding.

Flower Jars

Boho Wreaths

Kissing Balls

White Lanterns aisle decor.
Tropical flower jar aisle decor.
Grass aisle decor

White Lanterns

Tropical Jars


IMG_2984 copy.jpg

Black Lanterns

Pampas Grass


Large White Lanterns


Additional Options

Keepsake Sign for weddings Myrtle Beach.
Floral Bouquet Beach Weddings.
Boutonniere weddings Myrtle Beach.

Keepsake Sign



Floral Bouquet



Beach Decor add-on
Beach decor add-on
beach decor add-on

2 White Crates


Brown Lanterns


White Lanterns


boho rugs aisle runner for beach wedding.
woven aisle runner for beach wedding in Myrtle Beach.

Decor Setup


Boho Rugs


Woven Aisle Runner





Dinner Only reception.
Simple Reception with cake.
Premium Reception with DJ

Dinner Only 

10 guests minimum  

Venue and Food

Simple Reception

15 guests minimum

Venue, Food and Cake

Premium Reception

60 guests maximum

Venue, Food, Cake and DJ


Picnic Reception

Reception on the beach!

Tables, tablecloths, pillows, rug(s), chiffon

runners, table scape, flatware, napkins, plates, glasses, personalized chalkboard, decor, and a wireless bluetooth speaker.  Up to 75 people.

Contact us to learn more about the different reception options and pricing. 

  • How much will my wedding cost?
    Your beach wedding cost with Barefoot Wedded Bliss in myrtle beach varies based on the package you choose. Options include myrtle beach wedding with officiant-only at $150, a simple and intimate wedding at $700, and a more elaborate "Pouring into You" package at $800. We also offer two premium packages at $1995 and $2495, featuring aisle décor options. Tailor your experience with additional options like floral bouquets, brown and white lanterns, and boho rugs to create a personalized celebration aligned with your vision and preferences.
  • What is included in the premium packages?
    Embark on a picturesque Myrtle Beach beach wedding journey with Barefoot Wedded Bliss and our premium beach wedding packages. Starting at $1995, choose from enchanting options like "Tri Love and Bohemian Romance" or "Circle of Love and Boho Infinity." The $2495 packages, including "Love & Passion White," "Love and Passion Macramé," "Around You & Me," and "Eternally Mine," ensure a dreamy celebration. With an arbor, 12 chairs, aisle décor, sand ceremony, music, photographer, coordinator, and more, our packages create an unforgettable coastal experience.
  • Do our packages include meals?
    Indulge in diverse reception options for your celebration in Myrtle Beach with Barefoot Wedded Bliss. Choose simplicity with a dinner-only option for a minimum of 10 guests, or opt for a simple reception catering to a minimum of 15 guests with inclusive venue, food, and cake. For grand affairs, our premium reception accommodates up to 60 guests, offering a complete package with venue, food, cake, and a DJ. Explore the perfect Myrtle Beach wedding package and create unforgettable memories on the picturesque shores.
  • How much is minimum wedding package with officiant only?
    At Barefoot Wedded Bliss, Our minimum wedding package with a wedding officiant at myrtle beach starts at an affordable $150. This basic package allows you to have a beautiful beach ceremony led by an experienced officiant. Explore additional options like the simple and intimate wedding package at $700 with officiant and photographer or the Pouring Into You package at $800, which includes officiant, photographer, and a sand ceremony for a more comprehensive celebration. Our minimum package with officiant starts at $150.
  • How much are your services?
    Embark on your enchanting Myrtle Beach wedding journey with our affordable packages. Select simplicity with wedding officiant in Myrtle Beach at $150 or add intimacy with officiant and photographer at $700. Enhance your experience to $800, incorporating the sand ceremony. Opt for our premium Myrtle Beach wedding packages, starting at $1995. Inclusive of an arbor, 12 chairs, aisle décor, sand ceremony, music, photographer, and coordinator. Explore diverse aisle décor options and budget-friendly add-ons, including video services at $600. Personalize your reception, from a dinner-only option to a lavish premium reception. Trust our officiant and team for a seamlessly coordinated Myrtle Beach wedding ceremony.
  • How do we book our wedding?
    To book your stress-free beach wedding or vow renewal in Myrtle Beach, reach out to us via phone, email, or by filling out the online form on our website. Our Myrtle beach wedding packages starting at $150 and premium options at $1995, we're here to make your beach ceremony unforgettable. Contact us today to initiate the planning of your beautiful celebration on the Myrtle Beach shore.
  • How about receptions?
    Discover a variety of reception options for your beach wedding in Myrtle Beach. Choose an intimate dinner for a minimum of 10 guests, including venue and food. Explore a simple reception with a minimum of 15 guests, incorporating venue, food, and cake. For grand affairs, opt for our premium reception catering to up to 60 guests, providing venue, food, cake, and a DJ. Connect with us to explore detailed options and pricing for an unforgettable beach wedding reception experience.
  • How should we dress for a beach wedding?
    Selecting attire for your Myrtle Beach wedding? Embrace the relaxed ambiance with a range of styles, from casual to semi-formal. The beach encourages personal expression, allowing you to dress comfortably while staying stylish. Whether it's flowing dresses or linen suits, let the coastal vibe inspire your choices. From formal wear to flip flops, there are endless possibilities to complement the easygoing nature of the beach and create a memorable wedding ensemble.
  • Why hire a wedding planner?
    Hiring a Myrtle Beach wedding planner ensures a stress-free and seamless experience. From coordinating details to crafting the perfect ceremony, a skilled planner handles it all, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day. Let Barefoot Wedded Bliss, your trusted Myrtle Beach Wedding Planners, turn your dream beach wedding into a reality with over 25 years of expertise.
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