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Beach Wedding Locations in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, choosing the best beach spot for a beach wedding requires putting some thought into factors like proximity, accessibility, and scenic beauty. Look for beaches with convenient access for you and your guests, as well as plenty of parking.  There are popular spots in Myrtle Beach for beach weddings such as Myrtle Beach State Park so there are times when you will see 2 weddings taking place at the same time.  Just about about all public beach access points will have paid parking depending on the time of the year and the time of the day.  There are several weeks during the year where the Myrtle Beach area is busier than normal with holiday traffic, festivals or weeks that involves motorcycles and car shows.  Again, Beach Wedding Locations in Myrtle Beach South Carolina should be carefully planned.


Myrtle Beach State Park

$8 Entry Fee     Plenty of Parking     

Springmaid Pier (Myrtle Beach)

Limited Parking

18th Avenue North (North Myrtle Beach)

Limited Paid Parking

Avista Resort (North Myrtle Beach)

Limited Paid Parking

City of Atlantic Beach (North Myrtle Beach Area)

Plenty of Free Parking